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CR Group - Competitive Ready
Chabin Concepts is a proud participant in the CR Group. We are economic development and site selection professionals who have developed a standards-based assessment similar to a “certified site” but for all your community assets. The goal? To make your community CompetitiveReady.
CR Group Partners
Applied Economics
Economic Analysis and Custom Data. If all economists were like Sarah Murley and Rick Brammer, we wouldn’t need those bad economist jokes. They are the brains behind MetroComp and other practical applications that you can use to show your prospects you understand their needs. How about an impact analysis to demonstrate a company’s effect on your local economy? Sarah has a master of science degree in economics from Arizona State University and a bachelor’s in mathematics and economics from Pomona College. Rick holds a degree in computer science and economics from the University of Oregon.
[Applied Economics website]
Websites for Economic Development. Fast, creative, and responsive to your needs, EDsuite will incorporate a set of economic development tools into your website or develop it from the ground up. Their specialized tools include the community profile, properties, and proposal modules. EDsuite is familiar with the unique needs of economic development websites, and they are equally comfortable with design, development and social media. The EDsuite platform is easy to use and competitively priced for smaller locations, but without the "cookie-cutter" appearance of template-based sites.
[EDsuite website]
Competitive Assessments. TadZo is an economic development and site selection consulting firm led by Allison Larsen. Allison tracks best practices — what works and what doesn’t — to draw upon for potential solutions in each unique situation facing a community. Her expertise is in competitiveness assessments from a site selection point of view, asset inventories, strategic initiatives, target industry studies, marketing and economic development training. She is the lead contact for CompetitiveReady, a community certification program.  
[TadZo website]  
Additional Resources
We collaborate regularly with these talented economists, planners, designers, and site locators. If you hire Chabin, it’s likely you will also meet some of the people described below.
Landscape Architecture & Design. Bramare goes above and beyond for their clients by offering holistic thinking paired with direct solutions that are site specific and environmentally responsive. Richard J. Zita, the brains behind the operation, is the principal landscape architect and project designer. Bramare specializes in balance by enhancing human use and satisfaction of the built and natural environment. This unique approach has given this Portland firm an extensive range of experience. They’ve worked on projects from downtown master plans to site specific detailing and planting design.
Destination Development
Tourism and Downtown Development. Witness one Roger Brooks presentation, and you will come out seeing your community in a whole new way. Destination Development offers incisive tourism-related assessments and marketing campaigns. Their expertise in signage, parking, positioning--and even public restrooms--is must-have knowledge for communities seeking to attract visitors.
[Destination Development website]
[Order The 25 Immutable Rules of Successful Tourism by Roger Brooks]
Environmental Design. EDAW is the kind of business that thrives off complex and creative challenges. EDAW takes sustainability into account while improving the relationship between people and their environment to offer long-term benefits to communities. EDAW is ranked one of the world’s top leading design firms and holds hundreds of client and industry awards. CEO Joe Brown and President Jason Prior hold a perspective that is broad and specialized at the same time. “EDAW is an idea-driven firm, whether the idea comes from science, planning, or design,” says Brown.
[EDAW website]
Retention / Expansion / Business Tracking. Founded by two business retention practitioners, ExecutivePulse offers a holistic, comprehensive approach to creating a results-oriented BR&E program – from easy-to-use database systems and interactive outreach to team building, management consultation and full program support. The firm recognizes that local economies are different – consequently, its database platform, training and management support can be customized to meet each community’s specific requirements. Working with economic, community and workforce development organizations, ExecutivePulse is the foundation of effective (and award-winning) BR&E programs in communities, regions, states and provinces across the U.S. and Canada. In the field of business retention, there is no other company in the world with more experience than ExecutivePulse.  
FJMcLaughlin & Associates
Strategic Planning and Analysis. Fawn McLaughlin, principal of FJMclaughlin & Associates, has moved a long way from her roots in city planning, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her planner’s knack for nailing the key issues with precision and efficiency. Her areas of expertise include technical assistance, grant writing, job creation planning, community assessments, strategic planning, and military base reuse. Prior to founding FJMcLaughlin & Associates in 1989, Fawn served as program manager with the San Francisco Economic Development Corporation (EDC). From 1985 to 1989, she served as the first executive director of the Stanislaus County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDCO). She holds a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from California State University, Fresno, and a bachelor of science in Environmental Planning and Management from the University of California, Davis.
fawn mclaughlin
Kate McEnroe Consulting
Site Selection, Economic Development Review. Kate McEnroe will gently, yet firmly, tell it like it is from the site selector’s perspective. And not just any site selector. Her corporate clients have included Aetna, Hilton, Sprint/Nextel, and Atlanta Gas Light. For communities, Kate’s services include workforce business case development and screening assessment (or how to make it to the short list).
[Kate McEnroe Consulting website]
MC2 Design Group
Graphic Design, Internet and Media Development. Chabin’s comprehensive creative services are unique in economic development circles, and MC2 Design Group has had a large and creative hand in many of our award-winning projects. Outside economic development circles, their portfolio includes successful work for OSRAM-Sylvania, Macromedia, Apple, Sierra Nevada Brewery, and Paramount Parks. MC2 is full-service design and marketing agency serving a national and international market. They provide graphic design services, marketing consulting, internet development solutions and media production. Brian Curtis and Rocky Campbell founded MC2 in 1989. With the addition of partner, Michael Coogan, they strengthened their already impressive web capabilities.
[MC2 Design Group website]
MC2 Design Group
Downtown Development and Retail Market Analysis. When someone says “downtown," Mary Bosch at Marketek is the person we call. Mary has expertise in retail feasibility analysis, marketing downtown business districts, business development and consumer research. She has conducted assignments for over 125 communities throughout the United States on various aspects of economic development including market analysis, business retention and recruitment programming, niche marketing and cluster planning. She has led workshops and conducted presentations on these subjects for state and local Main Street programs throughout the country. Mary has a Master of City Planning degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is also a graduate from Indiana University in Communications.
[Marketek website]
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