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Audrey Taylor, President. "My first impression on meeting Audrey Taylor was that she wanted to sell me something. My second was that I was going to buy what she had to sell." That anonymous quote is as accurate today as in 1989, when Audrey founded Chabin Concepts. Her dynamic personality and breadth of knowledge make Audrey a highly regarded presenter on marketing, websites and strategic planning. Her frank appraisals of community strengths and weaknesses are well-received because she always focuses on "how can we turn this around." Audrey’s expertise has been recognized with awards and honors, including a lifetime achievement award from CALED and appointments to several state organizations.
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Vicki Doll, Principal. Vicki Doll is the calm, level-headed voice of reason when stakeholder sparks begin to fly. She also knows enterprise zones inside and out (case in point: she once discovered that a state enterprise zone application would have disqualified all of that state’s counties). Her recent projects include revitalization strategies, downtown strategic marketing plans, business recruitment marketing, and development of the EDsuite Expansion Set. She is our primary contact for EDsuite website projects. Vicki holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Strategic Management from California State University, Chico, and is an active member of California EZ Association, CALED, IEDC, International Downtown Association.
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Lindy Hoppough, Director of Editorial Services. Lindy Hoppough is the person we turn to when we need a word, phrase, or idea. With a background in electronic design, copywriting, instructional technology, and over 15 years in economic development, Lindy is uniquely equipped to assess the content and navigability of economic development websites and provide a creative touch to print campaigns. Lindy led the economic development website user study team, developed our Website Review template, and wrote the award-winning EDsuite User's Guide. She co-wrote So You Want to Make a Company's Short List, Huh?, a data collection guide for business attraction, and she contributed a chapter to Journey to Jobs. Lindy holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a master's in information and communication studies.
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Renee Stratton, Production Manager. You may never talk to Renee Stratton, but you will see her imprint on everything we do. Since joining Chabin in 1993, Renee has been the critical force behind the production of hundreds of reports, strategies, action plans, presentations, proposals, and training manuals for Chabin clients throughout the nation. At this stage of her career, Renee knows as much, or more, about economic development programs than many economic development managers. Renee’s accomplishments were honored by CALED, California’s statewide economic development association, with the Linda Sayles Support Team Award of Excellence Award (2005).
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Sandy Laver, Office Manager. In our line of work, every contract is different, and somehow Sandy Laver makes sense of it all. If you have billing or contract questions, Sandy is the person to call. If you want faster service, send chocolate.
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