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Target Industry Identification & Opportunities Analysis

“Allison and the Chabin Concepts team, initiated, facilitated and delivered, what I consider to be one of the best Target Industry Studies tailored to our community. The attention to detail and clarity of recommendations make this Study and Implementation plan worth the effort.” [Rob Pochert, CEcD, EDFP]  

Challenge. As a follow-up to an internally focused Economic Gardening effort, the city wanted to know how competitive Beaverton was for attracting businesses and supporting local businesses expansion.  

Solution. Chabin Concepts, with Austin Consulting, Applied Economics and Peake Consulting, conducted a comprehensive review of Beaverton to assess competitive advantages and areas for improvement. It was a five-phase process: 1) Historic Industry Trends, 2) Business Climate Interviews, 3) Corporate Location Assessment, 4) Identifying Opportunities, and 5) Economic Development.
Five industry clusters were recommended as “best fit” targets. The Economic Development Roadmap for implementation focused on four key goals:  
1.     Enhance Beaverton’s Readiness and Competitiveness
2.     Strengthen Local Businesses to Progress and Grow in Beaverton
3.     Attract Business Investment and Jobs from Traded-sector Industries
4.     Grow Your Own Businesses
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