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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Frisco, Texas
Frisco, Texas
Challenge. Frisco Economic Development Corporation was extremely successful, attracting over 190 companies in 10 years. Yet the staff and board members still wanted to know:  
  • What could we be doing better?
  • Are we on the right track?  
  • How can we help businesses through the economic downturn?  
  • What’s happening in the marketplace that may impact how we operate?

Solution. Chabin worked with the Frisco EDC and many community stakeholders to assess, refocus and inspire improvements to achieve the goals of the Frisco EDC board. Project elements included:  
  • Economic Climate Analysis
  • Stakeholder Survey    
  • Business Climate Interviews
  • Corporate Location Assessment 
  • Competitiveness Work Session
  • Organizational & Marketing Capacity Assessment
  • Website Review 
  • Target Industry Analysis
  • Work Sessions (key message, stakeholder, implementation)  

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