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Santa Rosa (2)
Action Plan and Economic Development Road Map
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Challenge. Santa Rosa implemented an economic development action plan in 2005 and accomplished almost 90% of the strategic initiatives. Due to changes in the economic environment, concerns arose about how the recession and job losses would affect the local economy. Santa Rosa’s challenge was to determine what could be done to have the largest impact on the economy to build short-and long-term economic stability.

Solution. Chabin created a new strategy to stimulate the local economy for continued positive impact by focusing on creating jobs and growing spending:
Create jobs
1. Growing existing businesses
2. Business attraction to existing employment centers
3. Enhance entrepreneur environment
4. Continue infrastructure improvements
Grow spending
1. Visitor attraction
2. Downtown
3. Retail
4. Arts & Culture
Chabin proposed a work session on Business Attraction Training where a Chabin principal taught attendees the most effective form of marketing and seven key elements of success, among other tips. Chabin provided further coaching on specific business incentive approaches in the form of an incentive toolbox and work session on packaging tools for the greatest impact.
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