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Beaverton Focuses on New Opportunities with Target Industry Analysis
(March 2010) The City of Beaverton, Oregon, is taking the economic downturn as an opportunity to retool and focus on the future. Not only do they want to know how competitive Beaverton is for attracting new businesses and expanding existing ones, they want to develop a policy framework and business plan for long-term, sustainable economic growth.

Toward this end, they have hired Chabin Concepts to prepare a Target Industry/Opportunity Analysis. Chabin is teaming with Applied Economics, Austin Consulting, and Peake Consulting LLC on this project.

Home to well-known global companies and recipient of many livability accolades, Beaverton values constant improvement. In 2007, Beaverton brought their economic development program (previously outsourced to the Portland Development Commission as a regional partner) into local control.
The first economic development initiative was internally focused on Economic Gardening, a very successful program for Beaverton. Extensive work on a community vision project and Civic Plan are all moving Beaverton positively into the future.

Now the City is considering what it will take to expand economic development further. What industries should Beaverton target? What policies need to be changed or added to enhance business development? How can Beaverton’s workforce be better prepared for the needs of growing industries? Is Beaverton on the right track?
The City placed a high priority on creating an executable strategy – and a process that leads to implementation upon completion of the study. Through this strategy, the City seeks economic diversification, a larger tax base and growth in high-quality jobs for Beaverton residents.
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