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Green Council
Taylor Invited to Serve as a Member of the California Green Collar Jobs Council
(February 2009) Audrey Taylor, president and CEO of Chabin Concepts, has been appointed to serve as a member of the California Green Collar Jobs Council (GCJC). Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Green Collar Jobs Act into law on Sept. 26, 2008.
The GCJC will work with:
  • Business and industry representative
  • Talent development provider
  • Economic development professional
  • Elected official
  • The public workforce syste
  • Organized labor

Goals of the GCJC are to:
  • Understand, assess and act to support the growth and emergence of Green jobs in California.
  • Understand the current workforce needs of the Green/Clean Technology Sector and prepare for the needs of the future
  • Identify existing and potential initiatives that can contribute to a strategy
  • Develop a cohesive strategy to meet those needs
Chabin Concepts has developed an expertise in creating jobs within the renewable energy industry. Chabin recently partnered with Austin Consulting to create the Mid-Michigan Project. Together, they provided Mid-Michigan with an understanding of the solar and PV industry and assisted with the recent high unemployment rate due to the decline of the American auto industry.
Additionally, the Northern California Regional Competitiveness Network (WIRED) recently retained Chabin Concepts to aid with the next steps in promoting renewable energy investment in Northern California.
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