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McPherson, KS
Chabin and CR Team headed to McPherson, Kansas
(March 2011) Chabin Concepts and the CompetitiveReady team will travel to McPherson, Kansas, in March to kick off a three-prong project for McPherson Industrial Development Company (MIDC).
Operating from a small town in the middle of Kansas might not seem like an advantage, but MIDC has forged a truly unique path to economic development since 1959. Their noteworthy accomplishments include:
  • Recognizing the need to diversify from agriculture and oil over 50 years ago
  • Developing 6 industrial parks
  • Negotiating the lowest electric rates in the state
  • Supporting over 50 industries in a town of 14,000  
Looking to McPherson’s future, MIDC hired Chabin and CompetitiveReady to evaluate the area’s assets, identify targets, and develop a marketing plan. The project includes:
  • CompetitiveReady Asset Scorecard. An objective measurement of how McPherson measures up in the eyes of an international site consultant. 
  • Target Industry Study. Identification of targets and strategies for recruiting those industries, including location factors and source geographies.
  • Sales & Marketing Plan. A comprehensive strategy including messaging, implementation steps, budget, and a 30-60-90 launch plan.
EDSuite, Chabin’s CompetitiveReady team member, recently completed MIDC’s new website.
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