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NorCal Renewable Initiative
Chabin to Oversee Northern California Renewable Energy Initiative
(February 2009) Chabin Concepts has been retained by the Northern California Regional Competitiveness Network WIRED program to facilitate the next steps in promoting renewable energy investment in Northern California.
Following the “Accelerating Renewable Energy Conference” Dec. 4, 2008, in Chico, California, there was overwhelming interest in pursuing jobs and investment in this sector. Conference attendees included over 200 representatives from county governments, workforce and small business agencies, as well as private sector companies with an interest in renewable energy.
The goal of this new project is to create an umbrella initiative in which actions can be implemented by WIRED and  other North State organizations through a collaborative initiative focused on this industry  sector. Different geographic areas will implement different actions, depending on the assets and goals of the area.

Stewart Knox, Northern California WIRED program director, said they will start by working with a private sector CEO Advisory Group to define actions that could result in capital investment in renewable energy and job creation, as well as working with the Center for Economic Development and Upstate California (economic development organization for the North State) on release of a new report Renewable Electricity Production in Upstate California. 
The desired outcomes include:
  • Jobs – new or transformational
  • Investment – increase economic value
  • Environment – reduce carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) 
  • Projects – demonstration projects to act as catalyst projects
  • Communications – information and education of the industry
  • Sustainability – begin growing a sustainable industry
Knox and Audrey Taylor, Chabin Concepts president, have both been appointed to California Gov. Schwarzenegger’s newly designated Green Jobs Council.
Chabin has developed an expertise in the needs and requirements of renewable energy industry, as well as its potential to create jobs. They have assisted other areas, such as Mid-Michigan, with strategies and marketing.
The WIRED Initiative was launched by the U.S. Dept. of Labor in November 2005. There are 39 WIRED regions in the U.S. focused on new strategies for worker preparation. The Northern California Regional Competitiveness Network is a “2nd Generation Region.” It includes three workforce investment areas (NoRTEC, NCCC and Humboldt) covering 17 counties in Northern California.
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