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Yuma County Hires Chabin for Targeted Marketing Strategy
(January 2009 ) Chabin Concepts will help Greater Yuma EDC position itself more competitively to the solar, logistics and aerospace industries.

Yuma County, Arizona, is situated in what could be a prime location for the emerging solar industry and an expanding logistics hub, if goods at the megaport of Punta Colonet route through Yuma County. Already, the Greater Yuma EDC is receiving attention from proposed solar farm projects and utilities working to diversify their energy generation portfolio.

To  enhance Yuma County’s competitiveness for winning investment and job creation projects, Chabin will conduct a deep dive into three industry sectors of greatest interest to the EDC: solar, logistics and aerospace. Based from a site selector’s point of view, Chabin will assess Yuma County’s assets and liabilities relative to industry needs, leading to strategic recommendations and a distinctive value proposition.

The final deliverable will be a plan to take Yuma County to market for these specific industries:
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Policy Development, Incentives  
  • Corporate Location Assessment
  • Marketing Plan 

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