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Online project room for coordinating collaborative projects and reports:
  • Posting space for graphics, documents
  • Live editing and commenting
  • To do lists
  • Milestones
  • Separate workrooms for different projects
Check project status
Check project status
Comment and post messages
Comment and post messages
Create to-do lists
Create to-do lists
Best Fit: Any organization that collaborates with team members to create reports or coordinate projects and events.

Description: When several people are contributing to a report or proposal it can be difficult to maintain control over the “master document.” Basecamp provides a low-cost online work environment where all contributors add and edit content in a single document. You can set up a separate workspace for each project, allowing only the designated participants to view the work in progress.

  • Post graphics and documents as attachments
  • Compare different versions of document
  • Create tables and bulleted lists
  • Post and editable to-do list
  • Post pages publicly or privately
  • Set automatic reminders
  • Add new workspace for each project, changing the designated participants
  • Export to Microsoft Word or other word processing program to complete print-ready document.
  • Typical economic development uses: prepare site proposals, reports, grant applications; coordinate events; coordinate job interviews; post frequently used photos, testimonials, or responses to FAQs. 
More Information: Go to Basecamphq.com.
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