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Boost your search rank by incorporating keywords your users are searching for.
  • Help site selectors find your website
  • Use phrases favored by your audience
  • Follow a keyword action plan
economic development websites found through search engines
Best Fit: Organizations seeking to raise the search ranking of their economic development websites. 
Description: Why is search optimization important? Fewer than half of all web users typically scroll to the bottom of a search page. Move your website toward the top through strategic placement of the keywords searched by site selectors and executives. Your report will list preferred terms customized for your location and strategies for incorporating those words into your website.
Your report will consider the following factors:
  • Preferred categories – If a site consultant isn’t familiar with your organization, what will he or she search for—location, organization name, or desired attribute?
  • Preferred synonyms–Should you use “properties” “real estate” or “sites and buildings”? Is it “transportation” or “infrastructure”?
  • Location-specific search terms – What are the best geographic terms to capture an audience unfamiliar with your region? What search terms best capture your assets?
  • Action plan – Where do you place keywords to get the maximum mileage?
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More Information: Contact lindy@chabinconcepts.com or call 530-345-0364 ext. 24.
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