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Customized database application that compares your community with your metro competitors:
  • Detailed apples-apples comparison
  • Industry-specific operating costs
Choose metros for comparison
Choose metros for comparison
Customize by industry and company needs
Customize by industry and company needs
Professionally formatted reports
Professionally formatted reports
Best Fit: Metro areas
Description: MetroComp presents prospects with detailed comparative data specific to their industry. This button-driven Microsoft Access application allows you to generate professionally-formatted reports for proposals and pitches. MetroComp is customized for your area using data for the competitor cities that you specify.  
  • Business Climate Comparison – compare your area with competitors on 14 topics, including labor force availability, economy, market access, utilities, and taxes, wage rates and cost of living.
  • Operating Cost Comparison – Annual operating costs for predefined business operations such as manufacturing, distribution, back office, R&D, and headquarters operations.
  • Customized Results – Operating cost pro-forma factors create custom comparison based on building size and type, workforce size and occupational mix, utility usage, and capital investment.
  • Detailed Comparison – Operating cost comparisons include wage rates, benefits, utilities, property taxes, and lease rates or construction costs.
Optional Add-ons: Chabin offers the following optional service when you purchase MetroComp:
  • Custom master sheets to print your MetroComp reports on, designed to match your marketing materials.      
More Information: Contact Chabin Concepts at vicki@chabinconcepts.com (530-345-0364 ext. 26).
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