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Website Review
Prepare to upgrade your economic development website with a 3-point evaluation:
  • Content
  • Usability
  • Search Optimization
websites #1 source for site selectors
Best Fit: Economic development organizations planning to upgrade or redesign their websites.
Description: Chabin has studied the web habits of economic development users and puts this information to practical use in analyzing your website. You will receive a concise, action-oriented report focusing on fixes you can make to improve your website.

Features: Prepared in a checklist format, your review will include the following:
  • Content Evaluation of high-priority content, use (or abuse) of special features and technologies, home page effectiveness.
  • Usability — Menu structure, naming conventions, and text formatting are some of the issues that can interfere with user satisfaction.
  • Search Optimization Deployment of strategies to boost organic search ranking (keyword recommendations are an optional add-on)
  • Recommendations — Actions to address each deficiency
Optional Add-on:
  • Annotated site map — A blueprint for organizing your new website. Chabin's solution goes beyond the typical flow-chart approach by outlining the content of each page. Avoid costly scope changes by thorough planning up front.
  • Keywords for Economic Development — Raise your search ranking.
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Free Executive Summary - Website User Study 2008: Economic Development
6 pages
Free Download (PDF-1 MB)
This landmark study of economic development website users was conducted by Chabin Concepts, Austin Consulting, and FirstEnergy. We surveyed economic development users and observed site selectors in action on real websites.
  • Technology Adaptation  Use of videos, blogs, RSS, PDAs
  • Online vs. Phone Call  How users want to find information
  • Frustrations  Top 4 frustrations voiced by site selectors and brokers
  • Navigation  How users lose their way on economic development websites
  • Content Preferences  Properties, transportation, taxes and incentives, utilities, contact information, quality of life
  • Export Options  What users do with the information they find
websites #1 source for site selectors
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