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Using proven methods, we help communities and economic development professionals create strategic advantages to compete in today's global marketplace. Our most popular offerings include:
Community Location AssessmentHow would you rank in a site selector's evaluation? Would you be eliminated or make it to the short-list? Chabin looks at your community through the eyes of a company seeking an expansion or relocation facility.
Strategic InitiativesHow can the community create a competitive advantage to attract and expand business? Chabin uses the community's assets to develop creative and innovative initiatives designed to enhance economic vitality in a competitive field.
Industry TargetingWho is the best fit for your community? How can you reach them? What information is most important to them? Chabin can help you reach and effectively communicate to the right industries, businesses, and other audiences.
Business CasesWhy would a company locate in your community and be foolish to look elsewhere? How can you set yourself apart from the competition? From Chabin's unique industry approach to building a business case, your community's value proposition will emerge and be proven.
Marketing ReviewEver wonder if your marketing is on track? Are you getting the right message to the right audience at the right time? Chabin will review all marketing materials, tools and campaigns, then provide you with recommendations to increase your effectiveness for Top of Mind Awareness.
Design SolutionsHow do others see you? What is the perception of your target audience? How can you build or change your image? What physical enhancements should be made?  Chabin interviews a sampling of your target audience, conducts objective surveys, and provides two-to-three day intensive in the community workshops engaging stakeholders to envision new opportunities.
Please visit our case studies to learn more about the Chabin Staff, or download a brief Chabin profile (PDF, 978 KB)
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Chabin Concepts - Delivering Strategic Solutions, Tactics & Tools